Safdarjung’s Tomb is a sandstone and marble catacomb in New Delhi, India. It was worked in 1754 in the late Mughal Empire style for the statesman Safdarjung. The landmark has a feeling of roominess and a forcing nearness with it’s domed and curved red dark colored and white hued structures. Safdarjung was made PM of the Mughal Empire (Wazir ul-Mamlak-I-Hindustan) when Ahmad Shah Bahadur rose the honored position in 1748.

The structure was developed in 1754 in the late Mughal Empire style Safdarjung.

Mirza Muqim Abul Mansur Khan, who was prevalently known as Safdarjung, who controlled over Avadh was a free leader of Avadh as an emissary of Muhammad Shah.He was exceptionally rich and generally effective. With the demise of Emperor Muhammad Shah of Mughal Empire, he moved to Delhi.[2] When Mohammed Shah Ahmed Shah climbed the position of authority of the Mughal Empire in Delhi in 1748, Safdarjung was made the Chief Minister (Vizier) of the realm with the title of Wazir ul-Mamak-I-Hindustan and around then the domain was on decay as their govern stretched out just to North India.[3]

As Vizier he had taken all forces under his control as the lord was just a manikin, a nonentity, who was into getting a charge out of existence with wine, opium, and ladies. Be that as it may, he overestimated and over-practiced his forces with the outcome that the Emperor’s family called their Hindu Maratha alliance to enable them to dispose of their Vizier. A common strife resulted and in the end in 1753 Safdarjung was driven out of Delhi.[2][3] He kicked the bucket before long in 1754. After his passing his child Nawab Shujaud Daula begged the Mughal Emperor to allow him to erect a tomb for his dad in Delhi. He at that point assembled the tomb, which was planned by an Abyssinian architect.

Toward the south of this tomb is the memorable site of the fight that was battled in 1386 between Timur of Mangol and Mohammed Tughlaq when the last was crushed.

Safdarjung’s tomb section timings:

It is open on all days from dawn to nightfall.

Safdarjung’s tomb section expense:

For Indians: Rs.15 and for outsiders: Rs.200.

For a still camera, no charge is pertinent however for video shooting, you have to pay Rs.25.

Safdarjung’s tomb area:

Airforce Golf Course, Delhi Race Club, New Delhi, Delhi 110021.

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